Project KaleidosCOPE

Project KaleidosCOPE is an adolescent mental health workshop series, premised on the question "who teaches teens how to cope?".

The project's title means "beautiful form of coping", stemming from the Greek words "kalos" [beautiful], "logos" [form], and "coping".

The pilot program, together with its research arm, catered to 40 Grade 9 students of Jalandoni Memorial National High School in Iloilo City. The program, since its pilot implementation, ran once a week, for three consecutive weeks (June 26, July 3, July 10, respectively).

Each session took 2 to 2.5 hours, which was composed of surveys, light, fun, practical and scientifically developed activities like brief lectures, workshops, small group discussions, and games.

Sample modules include "The Power of Breathing," "The Stress Mindset," "Mindfulness," among others. It also featured an innovative tool called "SchooleidosCOPE Kit", where enclosed therein are tangible, accessible reminders of the principles and strategies being taught.

Our pre-survey results showed that both actual and control groups have above average level of stress and exhibited negative avoidance as their top coping method.

The program is with the approval of the Department of Education Division of Iloilo City and with the guidance of a clinical psychologist and pediatric psychiatrist.