Project SkillShare

Project Skillshare was curated to bridge the skill gap that students have when they graduate from universities. The project not only imparted essential skills to individuals but also developed skills so that students could train other individuals.


The project impacted more than 50 students directly and more than 100 students indirectly through training by participants.


Project Skill Share was a five day training session that was aimed at:

•     Developing monetizable skills in young students

•     Solving the problem of unemployment by imparting monetizable skills to university students

•     Creating young trainers who can transfer those skills to others and maximize the impact.

•     Creating a snowball effect through the training and imparting the select skills to the young students.


The students were able to connect with industry mentors, discuss their challenges and learn from their experiences. All of them have gotten a starting point from where they can build on their skills and develop themselves.


Each participant was obligated to present what they have learnt and transfer the skills to at least five other people and submit the proof of training with the project team.



No. of Participants - 50

People Impacted - 200

Hours Spent on Training and Evaluation - 12

Trainers Engaged - 5