Project Sugo: Foreign Policy Mentorship Program

The Foreign Service welcomes Filipinos from all backgrounds to promote the national interests of the Philippines in the international community. The youth (age 30 and below), while not sparse, are underrepresented among officers. The diplomatic corps need more creative ideas from the youth to tackle the wide range of global issues.

Project Sugo provided mentorship to eligible youth who demonstrated an aptitude for Foreign Service work. The participants underwent a four-week mentorship programme from 10 May to 10 June 2020 during which an officer from the Department of Foreign Affairs provided weekly feedback for mentees to polish their writing skills and to develop the required attitude for Foreign Service work. Online workshops were also conducted to improve the speaking skills of the mentees.

The project concluded with 22 graduates including students and young professionals interested in international affairs who aspired to become diplomats in the future. The inaugural batch of graduates comprised of 8 university students, 8 from the public sector, 4 from the private sector, and 2 from foreign embassies in Manila.