Project Swasthya

Problem Statement:

Women in Thane city should be aware of the impact of the situation on their health, get access to tools and be able to bring awareness to their own health. 


Target Group: Women largely from Thane city and beyond to all those who can and wish to join through the project's online intervention.


Proposed Solution:

Conduct a series of webinars with expert speakers to talk about the various aspects of women’s health. These sessions will talk about:

  • How has it been so far with respect to the particular health aspect being discussed?

  • How has COVID-19 contributed to the issue?

  • What is the government doing with respect to this?

  • What are the steps that individuals can take to take care of themselves and also create a safe space at home?


Hub Activities:

  • Date : 5th May, 2020, Women’s Health during COVID-19 (Completed)

  • Date : 8th August, 2020 Menstruation (Completed)

  • Date : 20th March, 2021 Physical Health (Completed)

  • Date : 17th April, 2021 Mental Health (Completed)


Short Term Achievements:

  • Following the two first webinars, women shared that they felt safe and comfortable sharing their challenges at home

  • Participants learnt about an idea of building a conversation with men of the house and involving them in the house chores

  • Participants learnt about the toolkit they can use while menstruating and traveling outside


Long Term Change:

  • Add one new habit which helps women to take care of themselves

  • Build knowledge for and bring attention to their health and self-care