Project Womenpower

Project Womenpower Index was started since 2018, in order to uncover the unseen and less-talked-about challenges that working women face in Singapore and Asia, with the overall aim of effecting lasting policy-level and cultural change



Under the project, the team is building a data-driven report and developing global benchmarks on Women in the Workplace, in order to uncover the current state of workplaces for working women in Asia, against industry best practices for inclusivity and empowerment across three dimensions: culture, amenities, policies


Report launched: End June 2021 (First Interim Edition)



The post-mortem report and benchmarking index from the project will be launched to inform the creation of more inclusive and empowering workplaces for working women, and will go to out to 100+ large and mid sized corporates across Singapore and Asia via owned and partner channels, including Lean InAWARE, National Youth Council, REACH, YP, United Women, YWLC, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, OPPI, and many more


Some details on the impact the project has created:

  • Building a benchmarking index and report by profiling over 100+ large to mid-sized organizations in Singapore since 2018, via 30+ in-depth interviews and results from 100+ survey respondents on policies, amenities and culture for working mothers

  • Results from the in-depth research have been presented to a forum of policymakers on "Conversations for Women Development in Singapore" in 2021, which will impact future policies for working women in the workplace. Further research will be then be distributed to 100+ large sized corporates across Singapore in the form of a report, to grow awareness of the minimum standards for inclusive workplaces

  • The Hub has also fostered supportive communities of 100+ working women and soon-to-be graduates with active members, regular events and discussions, and at least 10 openings to employment opportunities