Push2Power: Stories of young people overcoming gender discrimination at the work

The Amsterdam Hub aims to raise awareness and have a global conversation about gender discrimination and structural inequality experienced by young professional women in workplaces across different sectors across the globe.

The Amsterdam Hub project ‘Push2Power: Stories of young people overcoming gender discrimination at the workplace' is a global digital story series that will highlight young women and men that have taken action when confronted with gender discrimination at work. The hub does not seek to focus only on the problems but wishes to highlight actions and solutions in order to celebrate resilience and be inspired by the fact that there is great potential to make a change in this area.

Through this project, the hub is seeking to:

1. Showcase gender equality as a crucial issue to address when discussing the #futureofwork

2. Highlight stories of women from across the globe who have faced gender discrimination and have taken action to address it

3. Serve as inspiration to girls and fellow young women and men of all ages in professional settings

4. Raise awareness about toxic masculinity in the workplace, how to tackle it and replace it by healthy masculinity