Rainbow Ally

Challenge. A considerable number of LGBTQ+ people continue to experience a negative workplace climate where a heterosexist and “fitting in” culture prevails, and is not systematically addressed. Although many companies have started to adopt and implement LGBTQ+ supportive practices, the key element to make those practices successful and long lasting is often missing. Rainbow Ally seeks to combat this. 

Objective. Rainbow Ally aims to support the LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality in the workplace, by helping employees not part of the community to become allies. Rainbow Ally aims to raise knowledge, create understanding, and equip people not part of the LGBTQ+ community to be an ally for colleagues who are identifying as LGBTQ+. This will be achieved by creating a comprehensive toolbox that companies can tap into and use it to complement their Diversity & inclusion trainings and programmes, or to help companies kick-off their LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity work.