Rally Currambero

In the framework of the first call for Youth Initiatives of the "Nuestra Barranquilla" program, led by Fundación Corona, Diseño Público, and Fundación Botnar, the "Rally Currambero" emerged: a City Ambassador Training Program aimed at the youth of Barranquilla. Through a series of academic and experiential sessions, the program allowed participants to strengthen their sense of belonging through cross-cutting themes such as the Right to the City, transformation and preservation of heritage, biodivercity, culture, communication skills, introduction to mobile device-based video production and editing.

The experiential journey led them to rediscover their city through a tour of the 5 districts of Barranquilla, where 9 teams interacted at 9 stations, engaging in various activities and challenges. These activities allowed them to earn badges that validated key values or characteristics of the city's identity. As the final challenge, each team developed a one-minute film highlighting a specific theme associated with the challenges and opportunities of Barranquilla.

General Objective

  • Strengthen the identity of the youth of Barranquilla through the creation of a network of City Ambassadors who promote civility, civic participation, and a sense of belonging through educational workshops, experiential activities, and audiovisual documentation.

Specific Objectives

  • Conduct training workshops on the Right to the City, transformation and preservation of Barranquilla's heritage, Biodivercity, geospatial location, storytelling, city branding, and the creation of one-minute films.

  • Organize a city rally competition across the different districts of Barranquilla, where young people aged 18-28 draw inspiration from the unique elements that made our city special, raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges we face.

  • Showcase the audiovisual developments of rally participants, as well as the winners of the Rally, the Jury's Best One-Minute Film, and the Audience's Best One-Minute Film, through a One-Minute Film Festival and the designation of Young City Ambassadors.

Available Metrics

  • 30 hours of training provided.

  • 140 young people impacted.

  • 12 training workshops.

  • 44 strategic allies.

  • A city rally consisting of nine (9) stations and city badges highlighting illustrious figures and Sustainable Development Goals.

  • A one-minute film festival with 8 audiovisual productions created by the youth of Barranquilla.

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