Ramadan Meals | Blessings for Many

Rising vulnerabilities of the poor, especially daily wage earners, due to the lockdown to deal with COVID-19 led the Global Shapers Community Faisalabad Hub to start the Ramadan Free Meal campaign. The distribution of food is being done keeping in view the family size of each and every beneficiary and individual’s financial standing as the basic benchmark confirmed through various indicators. The financing of the campaign is being managed through fundraising from the community. As a responsible community organization, the guidelines of the World Health Organization are being strictly followed so that the spread of COVID-19 may also be avoided. As a community organization, the hub believes in more and more efforts for the community’s welfare where gaps exist. Quite obviously, in a developing country like Pakistan, it is not possible for the government to pool its resources in each and every segment, especially in times of health emergency. So, this project is an effort to work for the welfare of the community.