Problem Statement:

60 million food orders are delivered every month in India. But when people are done eating, all the plastic containers and delivery bags. The world is running out of landfills. 9.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950, of which, ~91% of the plastic waste hasn’t even made it to recycling. In addition, about 3,000 tons of waste is added every month into bodies of water and every living organism on the planet is suffering from the consequences.


Proposed Solution:

1. Circularity brings sustainability and the circular economy into the food delivery industry. Circularity partnered with a young startup called Infinity Box and the largest food distributor in India to launch a reverse logistics approach in takeout delivery meals. Single-use plastic containers are replaced with reusable, recyclable, and better quality containers. And save money! 


2. The Hub also launched a podcast series - Bending The Lines, in partnership with Infinity Box, and added on new global parnters such as the Mash Project and the Incubation Network. The focus of the podcast series has been to increase awareness and dialogue on Circular Economy and understand the practical application of the concept across various industries. We invited CXOs from Fortune 500 companies, entreprenuers and impact investors as guests on our podcast series and in an interview-styled discussion, spoke to them about the upcoming eco-friendly solutions aimed at incorporating Circular Economy within business.


In 2020, the podcast series touched listeners in 50+ countries including US, Spain, UK, Tunisia and Jordan, with 3 million+ impressions, touching more lives than we imagined at the start of the series.


Do check out the podcast series at the link below!