Reading Rooms Balochistan

Reading Rooms Balochistan is an initiative of the Global Shapers Karachi Hub and Balochistan Youth Action Committee (BYAC) to ignite a reading culture in rural parts of Pakistan, specifically in the Balochistan province where the literacy rate is below 50%. The goal is to empower the local youth by providing them with the necessary and required reading material. Many people in Pakistan have books lying around on their shelves collecting dust, they are happy for these books to be put to good use, but they do not have the right information on where to donate them. This is where Karachi Hub steps in.


Through the Reading Rooms Balochistan project, the Karachi Shapers identified over 100 small reading rooms in different villages of Balochistan and have contacted them to assess their needs regarding books and reading material. Karachi Hub has partnered with Aster School to supply these books to remote regions. The hub has established collection points in Karachi, Quetta, Lahore and Islamabad where books can be donated. 


Updates as of 24th March 2021:

So far, the hub has facilitated the donation of over 60,000 books to 50+ libraries and reading rooms. The project has been featured in Pakistan national media and by the international author Paulo Coelho in his tweet: "Send books to Balochistan, they are building reading rooms" (

Ultimately, the hub seeks to promote an inclusive reading culture that enhances knowledge and helps people polish their life skills.