Reallabor - Mobility Forum Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a rather industrial city very much dominated by cars and traffic. The citizens lack space for social and leisure activities and often need to leave the city for recreation.

Over the last three years, the city of Stuttgart and a national research institute were running a research project on the reuse of infrastructure and redesign of mobility to make Stuttgart a more livable city. A huge network of local stakeholders (associations, city representatives, industry representatives, academia) has been created.

In order to further strengthen the benefits of this network after the termination of the research project and to continue its endeavors for a more livable city, the hub will organize an annual mobility forum. 

The aim of the mobility forum is to generate ideas and launch activities resulting in a sustainable transformation of the urban space. It will include a public ideas competition, evaluation by a socially diverse board of trustees, public event for presentation of ideas and former accomplishments and implementation of the awarded ideas.

The idea of the Mobility Forum comes from the need to stabilize the Reallabor. After the planned end of the funding period in August 2020, the network created should continue to benefit from each other and create active added value for the urban living space of the city of Stuttgart. The idea behind the mobility forum is to bring together committed associations, scientific institutions, the city, citizens and industry. This should result in ideas and actions that sustainably change the cityscape for the benefit of the residents and the city. 

Continuation within the framework of the Global Shapers Stuttgart Mobility Forum

  • Annual public competition of ideas

  • Evaluation and awarding of ideas by a socially diverse board of trustees board of trustees

  • Annual mobility forum event with awarding of the ideas

  • Implementation of the awarded ideas in the context of real experiments under stewardship of experiment sponsors from the board of trustees

Public ideas competition

  • Ideas from the city for the city

  • Integration of the ideas competition into courses at the University of Stuttgart 

  • defined application documents, which present experimental idea

  • design implementation

  • present the added value of the implementation

  • define contribution of the idea provider

  • specify necessary contributions of third parties

Global Shapers Stuttgart Hub as organizer of the idea competition