Redressing the Pandemic

Dhaka Hub’s response to COVID-19 started as early as 22nd March and is focused on four basic pillars, namely:


Awareness [miking & posters]

We initiated immediate miking and postering to raise awareness amongst the rural population who lack access to authentic information. The audio content and posters were created in Bengali language by Dhaka Hub Shapers following the WHO guidelines.

Summary: Beneficiaries- 58 lakh rural people; Location- 22 Upazilas.

Our plan ahead: Spreading health and awareness messages through posters at public places in remote Upazilas.

Disinfection [public places & transports]

In order to contain the rapid spread of COVID-19 we highly prioritized and immediately initiated disinfection of public places and public transports.

Summary: Beneficiaries- 20 lakh people and 500 doctors; Item- 60 ATM booths, 1,500 public transports, 600 grocery stores, 02 fresh markets and 25 buses each day that carries 500 doctors to work for free.

Our plan ahead: Continue disinfecting activities at public places in Dhaka and few other remote Upazilas.

Protection Kit [Hand sanitizers, masks & basins]

We have distributed hand sanitizers and masks at buses, pharmacies, ATM booths and grocery stores and provided hand wash basins at public places.

Summary: Beneficiaries- 0.5 lakh people; Items- 3,200 face masks, 100 PPE dress for support staff, 1,400 bottles of hand sanitizers & 5 sets of wash basins. 

Our plan ahead: Providing hand wash facilities at public places, transport hubs and other fresh markets.

Food & Essentials [Ration & সবার জন্য পণ্য bazaar]


We provided food support to the marginalized people who are immediately affected by the pandemic and so far we have distributed 18.5 metric tons of food.

Summary: Beneficiaries- Total 5000 families (in Dhaka City and Pakundia Upazila). Amongst the recipients there are people with disabilities (120 families), underprivileged teenagers (150 families), Pathao riders (100 families), Bihari camp residents (3100 families), transgender, Tom-tom drivers, daily labourers and lower-middle income people.

সবার জন্য পণ্য

Initiated by Dhaka Hub ‘সবার জন্য পণ্য’ is a bazaar of free products that provides food and other essential items to the most affected people. Our vegetables are directly purchased from the source with a reasonable price to ensure the interest of the farmers and growers. So far we have distributed 2 metric tons of vegetables and fruits.

Summary: Beneficiaries- 600 middle- and lower- income families; Location- Dhaka.

Our plan ahead: Immediately distribute two week’s ration to 5000 more families, continue the সবার জন্য পণ্য bazaar and provide an education fund to the most affected university students when the institutions reopen.

Education Fund

We are preparing an emergency education fund for the students who are worst hit by the economic aftermath of the pandemic. Students who earn wages through various part time jobs to support their living and educational expenses are currently suffering from this pandemic.

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Our partners: Crack Platoon Transport service, Obhizatrik Foundation, CSR Window Bangladesh, The garbageman, Mohammadi Group, Renata Limited & Food Bank Network Bangladesh, Aa-Kar Initiative, SOHAY.

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