Reforest Action: A Qualitative Survey

Faisalabad is the third most populous city of Pakistan. In addition to the concern about the quality of available water or others, health services availability and wellness, sanitation, energy, forestation should be the focus of the government. However, the officials are neglecting its due importance. To address the issue, a public policy viewpoint was needed by the Global Shapers Faisalabad hub to conclude with the basic idea and data-set of long-term economic sustainability for the adjacent natural reserve. The Hub conducted an expert opinion survey wherein all relevant local stakeholders from Government, Academia, practitioners were contacted to share their views on multidimensional aspects of forestation and its implication for the city. After a pilot survey from 5 experts and focused group discussion, the final structured questionnaire-based interview was conducted from 40 experts belonging to Faisalabad or having strong ties with the city. The qualitative analysis is being done through a content analysis approach. The results are expected to share a complete guideline to the relevant tiers of the government to make the industrial hub (Faisalabad) of the country sustainable.