Refugee Computerklasse


Refugees in Munich need computer and computer skills to improve their professional and personal development.


Refugees in Munich 


Shapers Munich offers mentoring to train refugees between the ages of 5 and 50 in the use of computers. Each mentee is brought together with a personal mentor, who goes with him through different modules in five sessions. Shapers Munich offer as well access to computers by providing guidance through the different sources. 


The project has switched from a concept where huge classes are given to refugees to one where refugees are matched with their personal mentors who tailor the content to their individual needs. We have developed contents for ten modules (e.g. basic user interface, writing exercises, writing emails and applications etc.) on the platform notion. 

With effective marketing flyers via our partners and diverse newsletters, we find mentors and mentees willing to participate in our mentoring program. We train mentors for the program. 

On the same time, we cooperate with organizations like Lichterkette (a Munich based refugee organization) to get access to further laptops and computers, as not every refugee has his/her own computer. 

We are contact persons for mentors and mentees during the whole program and evaluate the effectiveness afterwards.


Dozens of refugees living in Munich have already learnt how to use computers for the first time and how to interact with them. Covid-19 has moved social interaction even more in the virtual space, that is why there is the need to include refugees even more.


Access to a computer and the Internet and the ability to use them is crucial for communication, job applications and integration into society in general. Our long-term goal is to provide refugees with the tools they need to independently perform tasks that have to be carried out through a technological medium, not only in Munich, but also in other German cities where our concept can be applied. 


Before the pandemic, Refugee Computerklasse gave large courses in Garching, which were very successful. Since 2018, we have already been able to provide computer knowledge to 135 refugees with the help of 17 trainers and 5 partners (overall 9000 h of hours spend with refugees). Due to Covid-19, we have switched to 1:1 mentoring and plan to hand out 10 more certificates to refugees by the end of the year. 5 modules are necessary (time required 2h per module) to achieve a certificate. We aim for a satisfaction rate as well as a completion rate of 90% - we measure both with a survey for each mentor and mentee in the end.


  • Lichterkette e.V.