ReimaginED x GenDigital

Problem statement: Limited access to technology, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with online safety measures leaves refugee youth at a disadvantage in an increasingly digitalized world.

Target group: Refugee children aged 13-17 from the Klang Valley in Malaysia

Proposed solution: A workshop to promote digital literacy at a refugee learning centre.

Hub activities: A digital literacy workshop series was conducted for refugee students at a refugee learning center. The content of the workshop was digital literacy and etiquette, digital safety and security and Google sheets/canva training.

Short and long-term goals:

  • Short term: To equip the target population with basic knowledge of digital safety and enhance their digital literacy skills.

  • Long term: To nurture responsible global digital citizens.

Available metrics: Quizzes assessing participant's understanding of the digital safety and literacy, material covered and feedback for the workshop were administered.

Project collaborators: GenDigital Academy, Ruth Education Center