Reimagine Society

The tragedy of COVID-19 offers us a window of opportunity. An opportunity to reimagine the way we do things.

Today, as the world begins to think ahead, we have a duty to take an in-depth look at the lessons from this pandemic so we can build back better. So we can build a society that is more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable for all.

Wide-sweeping changes during times of crisis can't go unchecked. We have a responsibility to understand the long-term implications of the actions we take now to foster systemic solutions.

As the pandemic awakened the collective to long-standing system gaps, we mobilized Shapers across 60 hubs through 10 facilitated sessions to:

[Reflect] together and identify system gaps; [Reimagine] our communities by co-designing new solutions; and [Reset] systems by taking immediate action and enabling long-term change.

Reimagine Society is the action tank for systems change. We equip communities with the knowledge, blueprints, and next steps to break systemic barriers. Join us in the next chapter of our work by visiting

Reimagine Society was founded in March 2020 by two World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Alexis J Taylor (Austin Hub) and Miguel A Rozo (Vancouver Hub).