Remediación de suelo en Galeana - REGENERATE - Separación Residuos

Problem Statement:

Frontline communities in Galeana need to carry out strategies to recover food security and nutrition, since due to climate change, soils are eroded and it is not possible to cultivate.


Target Group:

Farmers in Galeana


Proposed Solution:

We carried out a campaign with hotels and restaurants in the Galeana Metropolitan Area to collect organic waste (green/brown) in order to prevent it from reaching landfills, and instead use it as compost to remediate crop fields in the area. This way, greenhouse gas emissions from organic waste will be avoided. 


Short-Term Goals/Results: 

Strategic alliances, training.

Constant flow of resources towards the project in Galeana.


Long-Term Goals/Results:

Achieving soil remediation so that food security is obtained in the community and later a recurring source of income.


Available Metrics:

# alliances (restaurants) linked to the movement.

Involvement of people to obtain recurring resources (compost) for remediation.

Reduce up to 44% of the waste generated in participating hotels/restaurants.

Staff training at participating restaurants/hotels.



Impact Hub Monterrey



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