Rent a Scientist

Due to increasingly fast developing research fields and technological progress young students are often overwhelmed by the question, what they should work, study or in which topic they are interested. Although many students are passionate about their future career, the scientific and societal complexity is a notable hurdle. 


The Hamburg Hub wants to bring scientists from the bio-medical research field into middle and high school to present their specific research to the students. In this way the project aims to create awareness, interest and guidance for a scientific career. By creating an honest exchange between those two groups the students are expected to reduce their fear and uncertainty on their own career-path. The hub will connect research institutes with local middle and high schools. It combines individual visits of researchers in schools with bigger events trying to reach a broader audience. These two formats will be achieved by installing an autonomous network/ platform, where teachers can search for, connect with and invite researchers working on various topics. The hub will measure number of students reached with the project (short-term) and number of reached students starting a career in the biomedical field (long-term).



A collaboration with NAT Initative and their project MINT Match is in place.

The hub already helped organize the Match Days 2021, which was a conference for students focusing on current research approaches tackling different aspects of the corona crisis. 


The ultimate goal of setting up a scalable autonomous network that brings together students and scientists is (a) helping students to choose the career they want to pursue and (b) strenghten MINT research.