Problem Statement

The social dynamics within the El Remanso community in the city of Pereira have led to marginalization within the context of the city, which is why an intervention is required to resignify communal spaces for the reintegration of the communities in it, improving interactions according to needs


target audiences

Population of community El Remanso, Pereira


Proposed solution

The Pereira Hub decided to launch the project "Reparqueando" which consists in intervening in the community of El Remanso, Pereira through activities to resignify spaces according to needs detected through a prior approach to the community


Milestones and deadlines

1. Organize a work team in alliance with reparqueando - July 2022

2. Evaluation, characterization, traceability of the chosen community (Intervention) - August 2022

3. Approach to the community to intervene (Intervention) - August 2022

4. Generate intervention strategies in the community - September 2022

5. Ideation of themes for the community according to needs - (Interventions) September 2022

6. Intervention in the community according to the theme and strategies proposed. - (Intervention) October 2022

7. Monitoring and measurement of impact in the community - 2022-2023

8. Make methodological translation to sustain the impact in the community - 2022-2023


  • 1 Strategic alliance of joint work.

  • 3 Sponsorship and support alliances.

  • 1 Community impacted within 1 year

  • 1 Methodological transfer with the community to sustain the impact of the intervention.



#performed activities

# square meters intervened

#impacted residents

#inhabitants linked to the process