Problem Statement:

Target Group:

Social organizations, community leaders and start-ups representatives from Manaus

Proposed Solution:

Resethon is an ideathon that aims to engage young leaders in the development of social impact businesses to be applied locally.

Resethon's main goal is to incentivize and disseminate social impact as one of the pillars of future economy in Amazon by combining social organizations, community leaders and start-ups representatives.

At the same time, to place Global Shapers Manaus Hub as a reference for the social entrepreneurship environment, serving as an event for gathering new Shapers generations.

Hub Activities:

In a 48-hours programme, 40 leaders from Manaus peripherical and noble areas were combined in groups with the mission of creating a business model focused in solving a social issue while being financially sustainable.

The participants were selected both from social projects with no financial structure and start-up workers, in order to combine skills and expertise, break stigmas and create long-lasting solutions to social issues.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

The winners won mentorships on leadership and finance. The final result was very representative, with immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQIA+ leaderships being awarded. The winning ideas were:

1 - Destrava: a consultancy specialized in training big corporates to create healthy environments for LGBTQIA+ people, mainly in HR and juridic processes.

* One month after Resethon, (des)trava was selected in Samsung Ocean acceleration program and became resident in the Acelera Hub Space, the innovation hub in the greatest communications group in northern Brazil;

2 - Tumanas: a tourism agency based on routes for children groups in Amazon to visit the main touristic points and museums;

3 - Carangucha: a marketplace for toys made of sustainable materials and created by artisans from traditional heritage;

Available Metrics:

48-hours programme, 40 leaders from Manaus


The event was organized and coordinated by the Manaus Hub in partnership with Venture Hub, Bemol, Bemol Digital, Singulari Consultoria and Impact Hub Manaus.