Restaurant checklist

Around one-third of all food produced annually gets lost or wasted, which has a number of consequences on the environment. Food waste represents a misuse of labor, water, energy, land and/or other vital resources. It is crucial that all as a society understand, appreciate, and respect the value of food. The challenge of ending food waste is aligned with the UN SDGs, especially SDG 2 (End Hunger) and SDG 12 (Sustainable consumption and production patterns).

Particularly in Stockholm, there is a lack of tools, incentives, and knowledge regarding food waste management. The Stockholm Hub has committed to building a platform with the aim of raising awareness around the issue and sparking conversations, which will allow the establishment of synergies of work among different actors including Swedish restaurants and food waste startups in order to reduce restaurant food waste.

The goals of this project are to boost existing businesses that are operating in a sustainable way, share best practices and tools to improve business operations, and map the different actors and promote their efforts towards fighting food waste.