Revitalizing City Streets

Shapers intend to leverage public-private partnerships to address one of the most pressing problems in Cebu -accessibility. Traffic is at its worst and roads are not pe­destrian friendly. In order for Cebu to prepare for the future, it must ensure ease of mobility, resources and information. Cebu Hub will create a campaign called MARCH Cebu to revitalize city streets through multi-stakeholder engagement.

First, Shapers will engage academia, particularly local architecture students, to redesign selected streets in line with the following criteria: citizen engagement, environmental conservation, business development and universal education. A multi-sector panel will select the winning design, which will then be presented to key stakeholders in the area for buy-in. Once buy-in has been obtained, the vision for the street will also be revealed to the general public through a solidarity walk or “march” to gain support. Cebu Hub will follow through to the implementation of the revitalization plan with the help of government and private sector and civil society leaders.