Revive the Sidhwan, Revitalize Ludhiana

The Challenge:

The Sidhwan Canal, once a lifeline for Ludhiana, faced severe pollution, encroachment, and public apathy. Pollution levels peaked at 4.5 times the permissible limit, and 70% of residents expressed indifference towards its plight, threatening the city's water security and ecological balance.


The Solution:

Global Shapers Ludhiana Hub and MCL partnered in an innovative awareness campaign, "Revive the Sidhwan, Revitalize Ludhiana," to:

  • Raise public awareness about the canal's historical and ecological significance.

  • Highlight the dangers of pollution and its impact on 500,000 residents dependent on the canal's water.

  • Promote responsible behavior and community action towards its restoration.

The Notified Goals:

  • Raise public awareness and understanding of the canal's historical and ecological significance.

  • Highlight the dangers of pollution and its impact on public health and the ecosystem.

  • Promote responsible behavior and encourage community action towards the canal's restoration.

  • Foster collaboration between government and citizens for sustainable environment Impact.


  • Media Reach: Featured in 3 local and national news outlets, reaching an estimated 5 million viewers.

  • Community Engagement: Spurred 10 resident-led clean-up drives, removing over 20 tons of waste from the canal's banks.

  • Advocacy: Thanks to 250 loud and clear petitions, the Global shapers Ludhiana launched 3 new initiatives to tackle pollution head-on!

  • Attitudinal Shift: Post-campaign surveys revealed a 40% increase in awareness about the canal's importance and a 35% decline in apathy towards its preservation.

  • Water Quality Improvement: Pollution levels reduced by 20% within six months of campaign launch, directly impacting the health and well-being of residents.

  • Citizen Empowerment: Established a sustained network of 200 active volunteers committed to long-term canal preservation.

  • Strengthening of the partnership between Global Shapers Ludhiana Hub and MCL, paving the way for future collaborations on environmental projects.



  • Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana (MCL)- Mr. Jasdev Singh Sekhon, zonal commissioner Zone D Ludhiana

  • Just Vehicles, Ludhiana

  • Ananta Enclave, Canal Road,Ludhiana

  • The Bespoke House