Riohacha Conoce tu Voto

Problem Statement

Lack of active participation and informed decision-making among the younger population during electoral processes in Riohacha, La Guajira.

Target Group

The project targets the youth population, particularly aiming to engage and empower young individuals to participate actively in the electoral process.

Proposed Solution

The project aims to foster and strengthen civic engagement, especially among the younger demographic, by creating innovative and entertaining interviews with candidates for the governorship and district mayoralty. These alternative formats aim to inform and emotionally connect with the audience, stimulating interest and informed decision-making in the electoral process.

Hub Activities

  • Innovative interviews: Jenga-based questions for candidates.

  • Cooking sessions with gubernatorial candidates to discuss pertinent issues. Social media campaigns to generate interest.

  • Organizing a debate for citizens to evaluate and compare options.

Short and Long-term Goals

Short-term: Engage and inform young individuals about the electoral process, fostering active interest.

Long-term: Cultivate a culture of informed decision-making among the youth, enhancing their participation in future elections.

Available Metrics

Output Metrics: Number of produced interview episodes, engagement on social media platforms, audience reach.

Impact Metrics: Increase in youth participation in electoral processes, feedback on the perceived effectiveness of the project in stimulating informed decision-making.

Project Collaborators

The "Mesa Más" platform, comprising 9 companies from the mining-energy sector, focusing on social, economic, environmental, and institutional development in La Guajira.

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