S.A.V.E. (Society against the violence endemic)

Domestic and gender-based violence is a cultural and systemic problem that has been exacerbated by the impact of the pandemic. Inadequate and insufficient response in Greece make it very difficult to measure the problem scope and provide targeted solutions. 


The Society Against the Violence Endemic (S.A.V.E.) aims to initiate change and raise awareness by creating a channel to speak up. Create a safe space to inform, educate and find help. SAVE is a channel and platform for those directly and indirectly affected from violence to share their stories anonymously, to get informed about the nature of domestic violence and find ways to tackle it. (Share - Inform - Educate)

On the long-term, SAVE aims to ignite behavioral change for a society free from violence. Through awareness and provision of educational tools, we want to foster an environment where victims of violence are encouraged to seek and find help.