Problem statement:

The restaurant industry has seen some of the most notable changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dining rooms are closed to customers. Carryout and delivery are the new normal. Some businesses have been forced to close their doors. 


Target group: 

Restaurant owners and workers in the HORECA sector.


Proposed solution:

To create a platform to provide restaurants with liquidity as customers buy vouchers to consume a meal once the restaurants reopen



We created Save One Seat (SOS). SaveOneSeat is a platform to create liquidity to support the Italian small businesses in the short term, reducing the economic impacts of these necessary preventative health measures. Businesses register their business on the website to allow clients to purchase their SOS SaveOneSeat vouchers today. 

Upon reopening of business, customers have up to one year to redeem their SOS voucher, with a value equal to the expenditure they made, while businesses will immediately receive the value of the voucher. This way, businesses will have some cash oxygen to better face the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Our hub created the platform, including a website and app, contacted businesses and run the entire project.


Short-term goals/Results:

Many small businesses were provided with liquidity while they were forced to stay closed and had no customers.


Avaiable metrics:

  • Registered restaurants: 218

  • Coupons sold: 385

  • Total value of the coupons: 11,000€

  • How many Shapers participated: 15 of the Rome Hub, 27 in Italy in total

  • How many Hubs participated: 12



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