Scale 360 Circular Innovation Puebla

Problem Statement

Global Shapers Puebla Hub seeks to strengthen the circular economy and the creation of the first law in Puebla in this matter to encourage greater income and care for the environment among the government, companies and universities.

Target Group

Civil society, Puebla Government, Universities, NGOs

Proposed Solution

Scale360° fast-tracks Fourth Industrial Revolution impact in the circular economy by bringing together public and private sector leaders and innovators to jumpstart collaboration for circular innovation. It was planned that the interventions were in accordance with the needs of Puebla, since there is a lack of knowledge about Circular Economy issues in the state, which is why the entire Hub was first trained on this topic and later the areas of opportunity were mapped to achieve an impact in the public, private, social and educational sectors.

Hub Activities

The activities that we have during the project are:

  • Meeting with local deputy Aurora Sierra for presentation project and principal highlights

  • Organize Scale 360 Circular Innovation presentation in Puebla local congress

  • Meets with more stakeholders, Endeavor Mexico and business chambers for create value ecosystem

  • Organize press conference with media to present Scale 360 Circular Innovation

  • Report results to HQ and co-leads -Participate in forums of circular economy in Puebla City and engage with more NGOs

  • Form the First law in Circular Economy in Puebla with experts

Short & Long-term Goals/Results

  • Sign 1 collaboration agreement between Global Shapers Puebla and a university

  • Create 1 forum about circular economy with impact projects in collaboration with NGOs

  • Create alliances with 2 business chambers to disseminate circular economy issues

  • Receive over 90% of responses in NPS from attendees

Available Metrics

  • 6 shapers participate in all activities

  • 289 tons of garbage collected (43% organic waste, 37.85% organic waste and 20 non-recyclable)

  • 2 allied business chambers to promote circular economy models

  • 2930 people impacted by circular economy education


  • Mtra. Aurora Guadalupe Sierra Rodríguez (Deputy for District 18, Cholula de Rivadavia)

  • Lic. Antonio López (Deputy for District 20, Puebla)

  • Mtro. Ruben Furlong Martínez (COPARMEX Puebla)

  • Lic. Ignacio Alarcón Rodríguez Pacheco (CCE Puebla)

  • Vincent Speranza, Pablo Rodríguez Lerma, Gabriela Naomi León Zeferino (Endeavor México)

  • Adrian Rosano (CANACINTRA)

  • Mtro. Flavio Monroy (InQba)

  • Ing. Juan Luis Bolaños (Mantente Verde)

  • Eugenio Yarce (IESDE)

  • Roberto Quintero (UNIAPAC Latinoamérica)

  • Ing. Agustín Ramirez (SMIAAC)

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