Seniors Stories

Problem Statement: Younger generations in Latvia need to be informed on how to age well in order to reduce the prejudices associated with aging and increase inter-generational communication.


Target Group: Seniors (60+) living in Latvia and adults (below 60) in Latvia.


Proposed Solution: Seniors Stories is a podcast series with inspiring, interesting and insightful stories from seniors living in Latvia. Each podcast features an interview with a senior citizen describing his major life experience and lessons learned.


Hub Activities: The project activities include:

  • A monthly series of podcasts each featuring a senior citizen and his story;

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram) communication campaign promoting podcasts and attracting attention to senior audience;

  • Partnerships with various local NGO and organizations (pensioners federation, National library, regional NGOs) for scouting inspiring stories and seniors, as well as promoting communication campaign;

  • A public survey on perception of seniors in the society.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: The project aims to:

  • Launching at least 12 series of podcasts during the year;

  • Reaching at least 50 000 people in Latvia with quality content on the topic in social media;

  • At least 100 people interacting with the content posted (share, comment, etc.);

  • Partnering with 3 seniors’ organizations on communication and awareness raising efforts;

  • Collecting public survey results on the perception of seniors in the society.


Available Metrics:

  • 2 podcast episodes created;

  • 1 partner organization.


Collaborators: Project is executed in collaboration with information partners, helping to scout inspiring stories and seniors to share them:

  • Local NGOs;

  • Pensioners federation;

  • The National Library of Latvia.