Sessions on Mindfulness in Lockdown

As coronavirus spreads around the globe, shelter-in-place orders go into effect across Pakistan and the news fills with stories of illness and desperation, it can be hard to take care of our own well-being. Shapers of Peshawar Hub suggests that being mindful can help us maintain our own mental and emotional equilibrium, giving us the fortitude and composure to help those around us.

Peshawar Hub successfully implemented the first session with the title "How to be Mindful in Lockdown" which was live on Zoom and Facebook for the public and received three thousand views.


Shafeeq Gigyani, Global Shaper at Peshawar Hub hosted the session while two other experts Dr Abdul Hai, Psychiatrist at Hayatabad Medical Complex and Shahzad Anwar, a Clinical Psychologist were guests in live sessions.