Shape Libya Forum

Problem Statement:

Public policy has long been categorized in Libya as directive and at times, arbitrary. Solutions to social and economic issues are not planned or executed collaboratively.  

Proposed Solution:

Shape Libya is a virtual forum moderated by Benghazi and Tripoli shapers where Libyan young professionals and local experts discuss how to respond to some of the most pressing issues facing our communities. The forum is designed to run during 2023 holding 10 virtual 60 mins sessions in the last Wednesday of each month. Topics will be chosen to reflect the talk of the hour in the public arena, however, some of the initial topics include:

25th of January 2023 - Resource curse. How can Libya diversify its economy and move away from overreliance on oil?

22nd of February 2023 - The Libyan economy, are we in stagflation?

29th of March 2023 - The future of the payment solution in Libya, till when we will carry the cash!

26th of April 2023 - To subsidies or not to subsidies, this is the question!

31st of May 2023 - Mental health in Libya, do we care enough?

28th of June 2023 - The public sector in the digital era, no more 4 pics with a white background!

26th of July 2023 - Are we ready to join the digital era?

30th of August 2023 - Why are we in need of 5G technology? Telecom and Libya

27th of September 2023 - Young participation in the peace-building process

25th of October 2023 - The role of municipalities in public service provisioning


Target Group:

Libyan Young Professionals, National Policy Makers, regional/local Subject Matter Experts, and Municipalities in Benghazi and Tripoli 


Hub Activities:

Shape Libya Forum is a result of the collaboration between Tripoli and Benghazi hubs where both hubs collaborate on the various phases of the Project Lifecycle:

Planning: October – December 2022

  • Secure 5,000 USD in sponsorship (ongoing talks with the Libyan Foreign Bank LFB)

  • Design templates and processes for:

  • Promotional templates for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (including stories and posts)

  • Executive Summary template for noting key takeaways and conclusions

  •  White Paper Template for drafting policy recommendations to be shared with relevant local and national entities

  • Identify a list of panelists and confirm participation

  • Build a sign-up form

Execution: January 2023 – October 2023

Execution is carried out iteratively every month in the following order:

  • Engage with both hub communities to reaffirm the topic of the month by following this checklist:

§  Confirm that the topic is still relevant to our communities

§  Confirm that we have 3 experts to attend the forum

§  Confirm that we have a shaper moderator to moderate the session

  • Prepare questions to moderate the session that focuses on challenges and solution

  •  Promote the session on social media across the 2 hubs including the sign-up form and محاور النقاش

  • Record session and publish on hub platforms accompanied by executive summary highlighting key takeaways

  • Draft policy white paper in collaboration with panelists where applicable and share with relevant stakeholders

Closure:  November 2023 – December

  • Finalize closure report compiling all white papers produced in the forum

  • Plan 2024 cycle