Shape my Story

"Shape my story" is a project by the Global Shapers Lyon Hub that aims to provide an answer to the problems of Education and Employment in Lyon.

The Global Shapers Lyon Hub has noticed that certain populations in the area are sidelined, isolated or ignored by the administration because of their social status.

The Hub now wishes to act for and with these vulnerable communities in the area, by positioning the Hub in support of local associative stakeholders working on these fields.

The Hub is structured around two major objectives:


  • Raising the awareness on higher education among the youth of sensitive neighborhoods in the area.

  • Supporting people from immigrant communities in the construction of their professional profile.

The Hub will take advantage of the multiple skills present in it to provide quality expertise to the associative stakeholders already working on the subject.


Therefore, the Hub will be able to position itself in Lyon's associative ecosystem and gain experience so that one day it can build up its own actions.

In this way, the Lyon Hub wants also to empower disadvantaged people to find their place in society.