Shape New World Initiative (SNWI)

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Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai

Shape New World Initiative
will shape our future society



Imagine/create (SOUZOU) a future where science, technology, and social systems are transformed.
Shape a new world for ourselves and for future generations.
We believe that young people have the responsibility and the ability.

Shape New World!


Shape New World Initiative (SNWI)

This is an initiative that began with the Global Shapers Community Osaka Hub, one of the World Economic Forum's initiatives.
It is a year-and-a-half research project undertaken in collaboration with various organizations, including the Japan Association for International Expositions, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Social Solutions Initiative of Osaka University, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
The eight-day theme sessions will be held as a cross cutting initiative for the next generation and inclusion in the theme week program at Expo 2025 Osaka/Kansai.


Head of Shape New World Initiative

Hiroshi Sakuma
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1996. He is involved in research on new forms of communication using avatars and agents. Engaged in research on communication, he served as director of the Osaka Pavilion at the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo, heading the "Virtual Beings of the Future" exhibit. In 2021, he served as team leader for a research study for a moonshot R&D project, one of the national projects. In 2022, he received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the Japan Open Innovation Awards. He is a member of the Science Fiction Writers' Club of Japan, etc. He was selected for Forbes JAPAN 30 UNDER 30 2023.


Conduct a survey of Global Shapers and hold an international conference (SHAPE Asia) even before the opening of the Expo. In addition to large-scale hearings and literature surveys, etc., conducted jointly by Osaka University and JST, a Future Society Creation Committee meeting will be held with domestic experts in collaboration with the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN, the Masayoshi Son Scholarship Foundation, and other scholarship organizations, etc., to operate collaborative programs.
During the Expo, we will operate an 8-day theme week program, and after the Expo closes, we plan to prepare, distribute, and publish a report on our research and study.


Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai

International expositions are large-scale expositions where countries, institutions, and companies from around the world exhibit their pavilions, and events and international conferences are held.
In 2025, the Osaka-Kansai Expo will be held at the Yumeshima site in Osaka for six months. During the Expo period, in addition to those pavilion exhibits mentioned above, theme weeks and other event and conference programs will be offered.


About the Theme Weeks Project

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the Expo, where countries from all over the world gather in the same place for six months, Shape New World Initiative aims to bring together wisdom to solve global issues, explore solutions through dialogue, and create a future society where life shines brightly with the world.
Shape New World Initiative will be in charge of a session on Agenda 2025, the organizer's program by the Japan Association for International Expositions, which is a cross cutting initiative for the next generation and inclusion.



1. Future SDGs
Future projections for the year 2045 and identification of the world's major challenges

2. Transformational Solutions
Solutions through advances in science, technology and medicine/reform of social systems

3. Shape New World
How individuals and society should shape the world in 2045


Research and Studies Shaping the Future in 2045

1. Large-scale survey research in collaboration with the Osaka University Social Solutions Initiative and other organizations

2. Literature survey and interviews by a team of young researchers and Global Shapers

3. Discussions with overseas researchers and entrepreneurs, also utilizing the World Economic Forum network


The Future Opened Up by Global Shapers

1. Survey on social issues and solutions by Global Shapers in Japan

2. Discussion sessions at retreats at each of the domestic hubs

3. International discussion sessions through the invitation and holding of the international conference "SHAPE Asia" in Osaka and Kyoto


Deepening at Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai

1. Organize the Committee for the Creation of a Future Society, an expert panel co-sponsored by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2. Participation in the discussion forum and theme week programs at Expo 2025 Osaka-Kansai

3. Produce and disseminate research reports and outreach programs (video productions)


For more information, please request project materials from the project leader.
Hiroshi Sakuma (