Shape Sports

Global Shapers Manila Hub in partnership with Play It Forward are organizing a series of sports clinics for children all over the Philippines called Shape Sports to encourage physical activity in the Filipino youth and to promote equality among boys and girls through sports.


The project aims to break down gender stereotypes that make girls less likely to take up sporting activities. In addition, it will teach boys and girls the values of teamwork, self-reliance, and resilience. Further, it will build social connections and challenge gender norms. The primary stakeholders are children aged 7-17 from all genders who are interested in playing sports.

Phase 1:

Sports Offered:  Futsal, Badminton

Location: Quezon City

Partners: Play It Forward, Upsilon Sigma Phi, and UP Manila FC

Brgy. Sta. Teresita QC

Number of kids trained: 20


Phase 2:

Sports Offered: Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball

Location: Roxas, Oriental Mindoro

Partners: Play It Forward, Clarendon College, and Brgy. Dangay, Roxas Oriental Mindoro

Number of kids trained: 50


Phase 3: 

Sports Offered: Basketball

Location: Quezon City

Partners: Play It Forward, NLEX Road Warriors, Congressman Arjo Atayde, and Brgy. Sta. Teresita Youth Organization

Number of kids trained: 70


Phase 4:

Sports Offered: Badminton, Table Tennis

Location: Pasay City

Partners: Play It Forward, CCF Bay Area, and Pasayani

Number of kids and adults trained: 40


Phase 6: Cross-hub collaboration

Sports Offered: Basketball, Volleyball

Location: Iloilo City

Partners: Play It Forward, Global Shapers Iloilo Hub, Iloilo City Local Government Unit, Iloilo City, Sports Development Division, and Love Love Baronda

Number of kids trained: 100


Phase 7:

Sports Offered: Futsal

Location: Quezon City

Partners: Play It Forward, UP Manila FC, and Brgy. Up Diliman

Number of kids trained: 50