Shape the Vote

The Los Angeles Hub built an interactive experience to connect the community with election candidates in 2020. The platform enabled an accessible way to share in a non-partisan way the views of local politicians, and inform down-ballot issues for voters across Los Angeles - with a focus of meeting younger voters where they're at (ie online).


We also mobilized young people to be heard. Given the uncertainty around the impacts of COVID-19 on voting, we launched a “Vote by Mail” campaign with a goal to encourage young people in LA to vote by mail in 2020. Additionally, social media posts utilizing sharable/relatable memes that would appeal to younger voters were posted to Instagram and shared by The Hub. We also developed a media kit that made sharing information with outlets and partners more streamlined.


Available Metrics

Within a few months of kicking off the project, there were over 1000 visits to the website in June 2020, 14 clicks on our "Register to Vote" option, 16 questions submitted by the public, 100 post engagements on Instagram.


By late October 2020, just a week or so prior to the national election, this project recieved 25 video responses by 11 politicians, which were made accessible to the public YouTube. Local politicians reposted the content created, increasing it's impact and reach within the voting community.


All said, through the Hub's outreach and the large audiences of our partners, we estimate to have reached hundreds-of-thousands of voters, the many of whom were Gen Z and Millennials.



The Hub built partnerships with young voter groups that promoted the non-partisan videos to their audiences, including Sunrise Movement, Future Voters LA, and the Ballot Project.

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