Shape Thimphu Podcast

When working on hub projects, the Thimphu Hub realised that there is a notable gap in Bhutan on the policy and regulation front, where most of the country's youth, including policymakers themselves, are unaware of the existing policies and regulations in the country. In addition, in interactions with the Bhutanese youth through various projects, they seem to lack motivation or inspiration to live an impactful life.

To mitigate this gap, the hub is working on a podcast series, Shape Thimphu, that will bring in experts in various domains to talk about the policies and regulations to spread awareness among youth of the coutnry and the public at large. In addition, the podcast will also feature other notable initiatives and people in the country to foster a culture of continuous learning and intellectual curiosity among the Bhutanese youth.

The Shape Thimphu Podcast aims to fill the knowledge and inspiration gap in Bhutan. This will be done by hosting a series of short 30-45 minute conversations between a Shaper (host) and the experts (guest). The podcast episodes will cover a wide range of topics on policies and initiatives that are most relevant and important to the Bhutanese youths so as to educate, inspire and motivate them.