Shape Up Berlin

We help Berlin based social projects to make the most of their potential.

We do this through two formats:

In our Shape-up sessions we meet with one organisation to explore and tackle together their most pressing problems. Kind of consulting, but without suits, powerpoints and any fees.

Every two months, we host Shape-up dinners, where we connect people and organisations around a topic of shared interest.


We can help projects on different levels:

Strategic planning and goal setting - where are we and where do we want to be organisational

set/up and processes - how do we structure our organisation and how do we work together

Fundraising Strategy - how do we best raise support for our cause

Marketing - How do we share our story and spread our impact best

Evaluation - How do we track our impact and share it with others

Recruitment -how to get passionate volunteers to support us

Contacts and network - what are other organisations we could team up with or learn from to other organisations and networks across multiple areas in Berlin