Shape Wetlands

Shaping Wetlands is an initiative by the Noida Hub to restore Surajpur wetlands in the Greater Noida, UP region. The region has recorded 13 species of fishes, 58 types of invertebrates, and 8 reptile species in the previous year after Noida Hub's concerted efforts. Surajpur Wetlands required the intervention as Suraj Pur wetlands earlier have faced encroachment by government and private real-estate organizations. The wetlands had also faced illegal depletion of green cover, which directly impacts vegetation, pure air, and the water cycle.

The Noida Hub is raising awareness amongst all stakeholders, wetland users, and local communities to lead the conservation efforts. The short-term goal of the project is to spread awareness among 100+ students and organize 1 clean-up drive and plantation (100 plants). The hub's long-term vision is to use this as a case study that other hubs can learn and adapt from and henceforth lead similar wetland conservation efforts in their regions.