Shape Your Career

Problem Statement: With 15 million youngsters entering the workforce each year, 65-75% are not job ready or are unemployable. The problem of the skill gap in India boils down to the low levels of youth employability across the country.


Target Group: The target group for this program are final year college students/recent graduates from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges who do not have access to career counselling, career readiness opportunities, and mentorship/guidance.


Proposed Solution: Our program aims to serve as a pathway for aspiring youth to achieve dignified livelihoods and prepare them for the job market, by disseminating employment ready skills.


Hub Activities:


Pilot Phase

  • Completion of Pilot Phase for 80 final year students from Ramjas college, Delhi

  • Mentoring support to 25 students from 4 different industries such as finance, marketing, consulting and HR

  • Feedback from mentors and students


Phase 2 

  • Relaunching the phase 2 of the program by mid-February

  • Improve the course content qualitatively 

  • Devise streamlined communication channels


Short & Goals/Results: 

  • Shape your Career has been designed to include a series of curated workshops, designed to impart practical job readiness skills to navigate the job market with success. 

  • Students were also mapped with mentors from their industry for 1-1 peer support to help the students address career-related challenges


Long-Term Goals/Results:

  • By the end of the workshop, the participants are more employable and ready to enter the job market. Their likelihood of securing a job has increased.

  • The participants know and are confident about their individual brands and are well-acquainted with the tools to showcase themselves to potential employers. 

  • The participants can confidently approach experts of their industry, and can independently build their professional network. 

  • Automate different elements of the program to scale the impact of the course 


Available Metrics:

  • How many people did the project mobilize? -- 80 students

  • How many Shapers participated? -- 9 shapers

  • How many sessions were held? -- 7 sessions

  • How many people are still benefiting from the project today? -- 50 students

  • How many hours of mock interviews were receieved by the students from the hub? -- 10 hours

  • How many hours of mentorship did the college students receive from the hub? -- 25 hours



  • Colleges

  • Professional communities