Shaping the Future of Work

One-third of our lives is spent in a work environment that is being rapidly transformed by emerging technologies. Global Shapers have the opportunity and the responsibility to influence the Future of Work. Shaping the Future of Work is a cross-hub collaboration that seeks to understand the perspective and needs of young people about the Future of Work, to spark discussions on the topic, and to work towards the definition of a roadmap for each region on how the Future of Work will evolve, followed by a report from each region. Involved in the project are the Bangalore, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Rabat, Raleigh and Yerevan hubs.


Since September 2018, we have conducted more than 30 events in all continents that aim at fostering discussions on the youth perspective of the future of work.


Additionally, we implemented a global survey that digged into the needs, the worries and the views of young people on the future of work. In November 2019, we published a report that summarises the survey results by region and includes a conversation guide that aims at fostering further discussions and actions. Our work was presented at the Davos Forum in January 2020. Currently, the project continues at a local scale.


In Argentina, Shapers are conducting interviews to leaders from all sectors - companies, government, civil society and trade unions - to understand the flip side of the coin: how are organisations preparing for the future of work? To follow the updates, enter to this link: