What is the project's problem statement? The youth's inability to find a community that enables them to connect with other social entrepreneurs and learn the skills needed to create a sustainable impact.

What is the project's target group? Youth. (18 - 30)

What is the project's proposed solution? Build a self-sustaining community of young social responsibility enuthsiasts that provide that supprort that any of them would need.

What are the hub activities for this project? An annual flagship activity which is a hackathon, monthly talks with leaders in social entrepreneurship, mentorship sessions provided by the private sector, monthly follow-ups with the community members.

What are the project short and long-term goals?

  • Short term goals: host one local hackathon annually, have an active community of 50 local members, host 6 talks in 2023

  • Long term goals: host multiple hackathons in the region, build a network of communities across the region, have the talks be self-sustained by the community themselves

What are the project's available metrics? Number of applicant and attendees of the hackathon, Number of active community members, Number of projects under execution by the community

Who are the project collaborators? UBT, TAM, University of San Diego, The Global Fowler Innovation Challenge, Resal, Vibes and OLO

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