Shaper Impact Capital

Problem Statement

Finding the right mentor can be the determining success factor for social entrepreneurs, especially for those starting out. Mentoring can offer insightful advice, accountability, support and encouragement. A good mentor can help social entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes, focus on the highest priorities and make valuable connections.

Target Group

Social Entrepreneurs in Colombia

Proposed Solution

The Shaper Impact Capital project is a recognition scheme in which we can make social entrepreneurship visible, give specialized mentoring and connect them with private and public agents of social entrepreneurship in Colombia. For us, it’s  project to facilitate the growth of social enterprises that generate impact, connecting them with mentoring, capital and providing special support.

Hub Activities

The Bogota Hub has worked to generate access to capital for the ventures it works with. The Hub has activated a mutual collaboration network to make the venture visible through the media, trade unions and public sector entities.

In the first version of the project (2019-2020), the Hub managed to:

- Generate alliances with a media conglomerate, with the presidential innovation agency and with the dependence of the city hall for economic development.

- Receive more than 50 applications from social enterprises from all over the country.

- Launch a strengthening cycle for 15 finalists in matters of corporate governance, financing sources and impact measurement.

- Secure an alliance with Yonus & Youth to include the enterprises we are working with in its fellowship.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

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