Shapers for peace

Project’s problem statement.
During the last decade, African countries have encountered several issues that prevented the establishment of long lasting peace. In Côte d'Ivoire, and in many other countries, Nations have undergone instances of government overthrows and a multitude of other instabilities. Multiple elections are set to happen in a near future. In order to prevent the history to repeat itself, young people must take an active part in creating an environnement that fosters peace-building and reconciliation.

Project’s Target Group
Youth in Ivory Coast in general and Youth Association Leaders in particular.

What is the project's proposed solution?
To support youth association leaders in promoting peace, the Global Shapers Community Abidjan Hub is convening both youth association leaders and leaders from esteemed institutions, such as the US Embassy, UNICEF, and UN Women, in a unified forum.
This is initiative starts the dialogue between different stakeholders and most importantly involves hearing youth voices on the matter
The aim is to engage youth in peacebuilding efforts in West Africa. Subsequently, the youth association leaders are expected to relay the outcomes of this discussion to their respective members.

What are the hub activities for this project?
Setting-up of one Meet The Leaders on Youth engagement in peacebuilding in West Africa;
Setting-up of one workshop on Conflict dynamics in West Africa;
Setting-up of one workshop on The role of youth in peacebuilding in West Africa.

What are the project short and long-term goals?

Short-term goals
Awareness and Education: Inform participants about the current situation of conflicts in West Africa and encourage them to understand the root causes of these conflicts.
Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate discussion between youth and leaders on conflict dynamics in the region, enabling young people to share their views and experiences.
Identifying Solutions: Encourage the search for solutions to problems related to conflict and peacebuilding by involving young people in the resolution process.
Networking: Foster networking opportunities between young leaders, Global Shapers members and guest leaders to establish partnerships and collaborations.
Inspiration: Inspire young people to actively engage in peacebuilding initiatives by sharing success stories and inspiring stories of current leaders.

Long-term goals:
Youth Engagement: Encourage and maintain the engagement of young people in projects and actions aimed at maintaining peace in West Africa.
Political Influence: Lead young people to play a more active role in regional and national political processes by advocating for peacebuilding policies.
Community Mobilization: Stimulate youth-led community initiatives to prevent conflict, promote dialogue and reconciliation, and strengthen social cohesion.
Change in Perception: Contribute to a change in perception of youth as key actors in peacebuilding, rather than as simple beneficiaries.
Sustainability: Ensure the sustainability of youth engagement by integrating them into long-term projects and providing resources to support their peacebuilding efforts.
Continuing Leadership: Identify and support young, emerging leaders who will continue to promote peace in West Africa and influence political decisions.

What are the project's available metrics?
Number of youth association leaders mobilized;
Number of youth mobilized;
Number of Institution leaders mobilized;
Number of members of each different associations that received the findings.
Who are the project collaborators, if any?
UN Women