Shapers For Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from one of the worst political, economic, and social crises of modern history.

According to the United Nations (2020), over 7 million Venezuelans need humanitarian assistance to ensure their survival, and more than 5 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Chile. The main reason for leaving is the lack of food, medicine, and opportunities, transforming this massive exodus into a crisis for the whole Latin American region.

Even though many governments from different nations are partnering to mitigate the impact of this crisis, civil society also wants to help but has not found the way to channel support and guarantee that it reaches the right people.

Therefore, Global Shapers Caracas Hub started "Shapers for Venezuela” (S4V) a Cross-Hub collaboration project, where many Shapers from different cities can join forces to send aid and organize projects for Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Additionally, Shapers in the country are coordinating different stakeholders of the public, private, and social sectors, to align them to the UN humanitarian response.

The main goal is to raise awareness about the Venezuelan crisis and provide humanitarian aid to Venezuelans, to contribute to the Humanitarian Response and Migration/Refugee Plans of the United Nations, and improve the capacity of the social organizations that are addressing the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.

We make this possible through:

  • Serving as humanitarian partners: Articulating NGO and private sector in Venezuela on the Humanitarian Response Plan 2020.

  • Promoting regional projects (Cross-Hub collaboration): Promote the execution of “plug and play” projects in Hubs of the region to contribute to the Regional Plan of Migrants and Refugees of Venezuela.

S4V now extended its efforts in response to COVID-19 by facilitating technological capabilities to humanitarian NGOs, free telemedicine service to Venezuelan migrants worldwide and an online education platform to support educational institutions and high school students through alliances with local and international stakeholders.

With Shapers for Venezuela, the Caracas Hub with the support of the Hubs in the region will support the process of coordinating humanitarian efforts in Venezuela and Latin America as our contribution to improving the state of the world.

For further information please visit: Shapers for Venezuela Website