Shapers For Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from one of the worst political, economic and social crisis of modern history. According to the United Nations, over 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled to neighbouring countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. The main reason for leaving is the lack of food and medicine, transforming this massive exodus into a humanitarian crisis for the whole Latin American region. Even though many governments from different nations are partnering to mitigate the impact of this crisis, civil society also wants to help but has not found the way to channel support and guarantee that it reaches the right people. Therefore, Caracas Hub started "Shapers for Venezuela,” a collaboration where many Shapers from different hubs can join forces to send aid and organize projects for Venezuelan migrants.

This initiative is led by the Hub of Caracas, who is responsible for coordinating all worldwide humanitarian efforts, through a global online platform, making sure help reaches people who need it most

The main goal is to channel external humanitarian aid, through the Global Shapers Caracas Hub, towards different organizations that are working to support Venezuelan migrants and increase their impact. To do this, the hub's role focuses on:

  • Centralize and share verified information and facts about the Venezuelan crisis.

  • Identify, validate and support organizations that are working locally or internationally to alleviate the Venezuelan migration crisis.

  • Coordinate actions and projects that can be conducted by local hubs in each country in order to offer direct support to Venezuelan migrants, refugees and displaced populations.

  • Reunite Venezuelan diaspora in each country who is willing to collaborate with this initiative.

  • Raise awareness and make visible the region´s solidarity with Venezuelan migrants.

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