Shapers Metem A Colher

Problem Statement

Between 2016 and 2019, according to the Federal District Prosecutor's Office, the Federal District registered about 52,426 complaints for domestic violence. These numbers are getting even more alarming! There is an increase in the number of domestic violence in the Federal District due to the confinement at home generated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Target Group

Women, especially, women from peripheral communities in the Federal District and surrounding areas.

Proposed Solution

The hub's intention was for more women to know the channels for reporting abuse, acting in order to reverse the culture of violence in vulnerable communities.

Women need to know about reporting channels and be encouraged to report. The Hub understood that the best tool to reach women who are confined indoors with their abusers was through the sound channel, via radios and sound car. In this way, the hub articulated partnerships with other actors in the local community to record a message encouraging women to break the cycle of violence and circulate it in areas of vulnerability.

Hub Activities

  • Internal crowdfund to raise funds for the dissemination of the message via sound car in Ceilândia, Itapoã and surrounding areas

  • Audio message recording with local rapper encouraging women to break the cycle of violence and spreading the channels of denunciation in person and online

  • Preparation of audiovisual material for dissemination on social networks

  • Partnership with Mete a Colher, a reception service for women victims of domestic violence in Brazil

  • Partnership with other local groups for financial support and human resources to expand the dissemination of the message, including Jovem de Expressão Group and RUAS

  • Coordination with other hubs to broadcast the audio message to be replicated in other states of Brazil

  • Campaign in partnership with Brazilian shapers for the elaboration of a video guiding women to denounce abuse.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

  • Mobilization of the sound car in neighborhoods around the Federal District, totaling 70 hours of message

  • Mobilization of institutional partners to expand the intake of financial and human resources (Mete a Colher; Jovem de Expressão group; RUAS; Caixa Seguradora Institute)

  • Campaign to increase the visibility of the agenda to combat domestic violence on Instagram (videos + images) with a range of + 2500 views

Available Metrics:

  • Virtual reach: + 2500 people

  • Physical Reach: 55 hours by sound car, reaching, on average 200 people per hour, totaling 11,000 people potentially affected

  • Direct involvement of Shapers Brasília: 8;

  • Indirect involvement of Shapers Brasilia: 10

  • Contribution from other Brazilian Shapers: 13

  • Institutional partners: 4;

  • Participation in the national call: + 20 shapers



Mete a Colher; Jovem de Expressão group; RUAS; Caixa Seguradora Institute. Brazilian women from various hubs also contributed to the project in the preparation phase of the video, to encourage official complaints from abused women and also invite Brazilians to actively participate in the national debate.

The mobilization of the Brasilia hub has been the seed for other impact actions carried out.