Shapers: Solar for Syria!


The crisis in Syria worsens every day. WakaWaka, a social enterprise providing safe and sustainable light and power for phone charging, has partnered with the International Rescue Committee to aid fleeing Syrian citizens.
Over 25 000 WakaWaka Powers have already been provided. This enables more than an estimated 100 000 refugees to safely see, study, move about, cook, read and gather after darkness, without the risk of tent fires due to the use of kerosene
lights. The solar-powered devices also allow them to charge their phones and connect with other family members and loved ones caught in the horrors of the civil war.

Before the end of this year, The WakaWaka Foundation aims to donate another $1 million worth of WakaWakas to Syrian refugees. Solar for Syria: Buy 1, Give 1 On November 25th WakaWaka will launch a large-scale ‘Buy One, Give One’ campaign on A global audience will be able to purchase their own mobile super solar charger and light. For every item sold, one identical product
will be provided to Syrian refugees. Please view and click Syria to learn more. A ‘buy one, do good’ offer has a far bigger impact than straightforward donations.

The project goal is for Shapers to help make truly viral, with the help of other hubs!

How? By this easy 3 step plan:
1) Tell one (or more) famous people in your country about the campaign and ask if you can visibly give him or her a WakaWakaPower on a photo. Bill Clinton, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mohammed Yunus and fashion designer Donna Karan already did it!
2) E-mail your name, hub, postal address, the number
of WakaWaka’s you would like to receive and which famous person(s) you will give a Waka-Waka to: Meanwhile, plan the appointment with your famous person(s).
3) Spread the word about the “Buy 1, Give 1” Solar for Syria campaign by
sharing the photo(s) on social media and your Hub website. Use #GlobalShapers and #SolarforSyria.

Shaper support for this initiative is catalyzed by the Amsterdam Hub of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community (
hubs/amsterdam). The idea was inspired by an online brainstorm of Shapers
from Hubs all of the world. WakaWaka is a social enterprise. See and for more information.