Shapers4Shapers | Shapers4Youth

The project Shapers4Shapers | Shapers4Youth is inspired by:

  1. The lack of interdisciplinary workshops that provide youth with essential know-how and experience in the job-skills of the future;

  2. The need for tailor-made quality training and education for young people organized according to their needs and time, in small chunks of information and education;

  3. The necessity for an effective methodology focused on peer-to-peer learning, knowledge-sharing, creativity and empathy by working in groups and mentoring each other.

The project idea is organized in two stages:

  1. Shapers4Shapers workshops supporting exchange and knowledge among the Shapers community;

  2. Shapers4Youth workshops supporting exchange and knowledge from Shapers to the youth in general.


To inspire youth to embrace different educational forms, thus, gaining more employable skills and being more prepared for jobs of the future and the 4th Industrial Revolution;

To motivate young people in personal and professional development, but also to transform them from learners into trainers, encouraging them to share their knowledge and know-how;

To innovate facilitation and workshop design, empowering peer-to-peer learning, and effectively transferring information and education in the short time, ultimately gaining concrete skills and know-how to complete tasks.