Shapers For Venezuela Barranquilla

Problem Statement

There is an important community of Venezuelans in Barranquilla, and they need to be recognized as brothers and sisters and have opportunities to access a decent life.


Target group

Colombians and Venezuelans in Barranquilla, Colombia.


Proposed Solution

Shaper4Venezuela Barranquilla project ( consists of several virtual awareness campaigns related to the situation of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the city of Barranquilla, with the purpose of making them feel welcome. The purpose of these campaigns was also to sensitize the people of the city to prevent xenophobia and promote empathy. A humanitarian assistance base activity was also organzized to donate food and funds to a Venezuelan family in Barranquilla.


Hub Activities

1. Virtual campaign for International Migrants Day, in which publications and stories were shared to encourage positive behaviors such as a hug towards Venezuelan refugees at Christmas time. #TúBanderaesMIBandera (Your flag is my flag)

2.Virtual campaign for the commemoration in the framework of the refugee day in which stories were shared from June 13 to 20 to identify what unites Venezuelans and Colombians in things such as music, fauna, and similarities between different places in the two countries. #MiCasaesTuCasa (My house is your house)

3. A fundraising was organized to donate food and financial resources to the family. A publication was also made on Instagram making the family visible and publicizing their story. (Please share link)


Short term goals

- Raise awareness about the situation of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the city of Barranquilla.

- Attend to basic needs such as food, clothing, and recreation for this population through support from our allies.


Long term changes

Combat xenophobia and facilitate the integration of Venezuelans in the Colombian society and workforce.


Available metrics

- Virtual campaign #TuBanderaMiBandera with a reach of more than 1000 people on social networks.

- #MiCasaTuCasa stories and interaction of more than 500 people through social networks.

- Food delivery to a Venezuelan family with 7 members and reach of more than 500 people in history in social networks.

- 5 shapers involved in the planning and logistics of the project and the majority of the hub involved in the execution and events.



- Caracas Hub / Global Shapers for Venezuela, Global Initiative

- Shapers from the Barranquilla Hub