Shapers4Venezuela Cartagena

Problem Statement

Venezuela is suffering one of the worst political, economic and social crises in modern history. According to the United Nations (2020), more than 7 million Venezuelans need humanitarian aid to ensure their survival, and more than 5 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Chile.  Therefore, Shapers for Venezuela" (S4V), a collaborative Cross-Hub project, aims to send aid and organize projects for Venezuelan migrants and refugees.


Proposed Solution

Conducting training and integration workshops for Venezuelan migrants and refugees residing in Cartagena, on governmental support mechanisms for migrants, life project, education, entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence.


Target Group

Venezuelan migrant population in Cartagena, Colombia


Hub Activities

  • Integration event and tour to the main historical monuments of Cartagena.

  • Day of coaching on life projects for young mothers.

  • Integration activity between children and parents (day of adventures, games and love in family).

  • Workshop on Cartagena's heritage and culture.

  • Commemoration of the Refugee Day

  • Workshop on the importance of education for young people (Education can not wait in collaboration with the Plan Foundation).



Raising awareness, making visible and contributing to the humanitarian response to the Venezuelan migration crisis in Cartagena. This project has two main focus areas:


Work line #1: Direct attention to Venezuelan migrants and refugees and their families:

Compendium of activities that address the basic needs of the affected population on a person-to-person basis. This can be achieved through humanitarian assistance, training, orientation, among others.


Work Line #2: Visibilization of the crisis of Venezuelan migrants and refugees and their families.

Compendium of activities that seek to make the reality of the Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis visible, as well as to keep the issue on the public agenda at the local level. This can be achieved through campaigns, events, among others.


Available Metrics

  • #number of migrants/refugees/Colombian returnees attending program activities

  • 60 attendees to the activity "I give with love" (integration activity and tour around the main historical monuments of Cartagena). 

  • 50 single mothers and their 45 children (activity to support young mothers in their life projects).

  • 30 attendees (10 families) to the adventure day activity "Play and love in family".

  • 30 children and 15 parents were present at the activity on Cartagena's culture.

  • 63 people attended the commemoration of the Refugee day.

  • 60 children and 40 parents attended the activity Education can not wait in partnership with the Plan Foundation.


Mercy Corps, Israid, Centro integrate, Fundación Plan, Secretaria de Participación y desarrollo social


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